About Jen

Hi there!

I am Jen, a sewing addict and expert, from Phoenix, USA!

I live in a world filled with crafty adventures!

Whilst I do enjoy a wide variety of crafts, my passion and pride lies in sewing!


My Story:

You know, I still remember the first time that my parents gave me my very first sewing machine.  It was my birthday present for my 8th birthday!

Yes, the sewing machine was one of those toys you can buy for kids, it was pink and plastic and you had to twist the knob to make the machine sew!

But regardless, a fire to make things started burning in my soul from that day and over the years I practiced and learned as much as I could about the world of sewing!

In high school, I thoroughly enjoyed Home Economics where I could create skirts or pillows or other super random things!  I attended workshops and courses when I left school, to learn more and more!  And before long I found my perfect job, running workshops to teach people who wanted to learn how to sew themselves!

Jens Sewing Machines

Working in a sewing workshop environment taught me so much about so many different types of sewing machines, from embroidery machines, to sewing machines for quilting .. to everyday sewing machines for those who enjoy it as a hobby … to heavy duty machines for those who are working on larger projects.

Together with my students, I have completed more sewing projects than I can count and my house is filled with the most delightful unique splashes of colorful items that was created through my sewing adventures!

For now, I have chosen to step away from my role of teaching sewing workshops, so that I can dedicate more time to helping those who are online.  And so I have created this blog, where I hope to answer any questions you might have in your search for the best sewing machine!  That is where ASK JEN comes in!


Why did I create this Blog?

This blog has been created to help people, who are passionate about sewing, find the best sewing machine!

Let’s face it, sewing machines aren’t cheap!  I bet most of you have already done some research about a machine, before you even got to my site!  You want to make sure that you find the best sewing machine for the right amount of money!

That is where I come in.  I have been fortunate to have hands-on experience on many many different types of sewing machines.  I know the positives and the negatives of all of the machines (and honestly each machine has both positives and negatives).

So my purpose is to get some clear and to the point information about various sewing machines across to you, to help you achieve your goal of finding your perfect sewing machine soul mate!

If you have any questions, suggestion or concerns, please feel free to shoot me a message! And, please, help other parents by posting your own reviews and sharing your own hands-on experience.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

Thank you!  

xx  Jen