Top 6 Best Embroidery Online Shops for all Embroidery Needs!

Shopping for the best embroidery online shops? I have the best of the best for you here!

I love giving embroidery advice. I hope that my favorite sites and this year’s top embroidery online shops will help you find the right designs and all of the other accessories that you may need for your current and future embroidery projects.

If you already have the best home embroidery machine and all you need is a larger selection of designs, threads, and more, then you will find it all here!

Best Embroidery Online Shops


Top 5 Best Embroidery Online Shops

Here are my favorite online shops and the best embroidery online shops for when it comes to finding the best embroidery designs, threads, and much more:

1. Embroidery Online

This is the one-stop-shop for all of your embroidery needs. These guys specialize in providing you with the best products that are available on the market and are frequently updated with the latest productions as well.

I just love browsing through this website!

Embroidery Online


No. 1 of The Best Embroidery Online Shops!

The website is easy to use, products are displayed well and it is easy to navigate between different sections of the site! Love this site!

You can check out the site in more details here: Embroidery Online


2. Embroidery Designs 

This is your typical online shop design website. Although it is not as friendly looking as my previous favorite, this site is filled to the brim with everything embroidery and more!

This is my go-to website for most of my embroidery specific things. You can simply find everything there!

Embroidery Designs

You can sort your search according to brands, categories, and more. Fairly easy to use and great prices too!

You can check out the site in more details here: Embroidery Designs


3. Craftsy

No need for an introduction here! This site is not just dedicated to embroidery, however, there is a huge range of embroidery products available here none the less.

Craftsy has been around for many years and it is already a highly reputable website. I have used their services and products for far longer that I had my online business and I love them!


I am sure that you will lose yourself in this site for a long time, just like I always do. There are always more things that we need for our studio, right ladies?

You can check out the site in more details here: Craftsy


4. Madeira Mart

A great little site with plenty of goodies embroidery fanatics and more! Easy to navigate and products come with good photos too. This is one of my favorite niched sites to go to for quality embroidery products.

Madeira Mart

You will find all the usual essentials like threads, bobbins as well as a large selection of other embroidery accessories as well!

You can check out the site in more details here: Madeira Mart


5. Urban Threads

I love this site! Urban Threads is my go-to site for very cute and quirky designs, and there are tonnes of those here! The site is easy to navigate, there are plenty of pretty pictures to browse through. It is a truly fun site to hang out in.

Urban Threads

I love coming here for a browse in my spare time if I can find any. That way I always find something new and funky to use on my next projects!

You can check out the site in more details here: Urban Threads


6. Creative Fabrica

I love this site! It’s quite new and comes from Amsterdam.  There is a team of designers who come up with some pretty amazing designs.  What’s great about it is that they are constantly offering free designs that you can download.

best free embroidery software

There are some quite cheeky designs available (as well as more traditional) which can be quite fun.

free embroidery designs


Final Words:

I am sure that there are many more online shops out there, but in my opinion, these are the best embroidery online shops this year for sure! However, if anything changes, I will keep you updated. Thank you for reading and happy embroidery adventures!