Website For Best Free Embroidery Software In 2021

Don’t you just love it when you find the best embroidery designs, and then discover that they also have freebies – lots of freebies!  

That’s what I have discovered recently, and I am so excited to share this with you, as I know we can all do with a helping hand when it comes to managing our finances these days.

I have found the website for the best free embroidery software that you can find online in 2021.

Recently a company reached out to me, and I have been working behind the scenes with them to not only bring you some great offers but to let you know that they have freebies – Every – Single – Day.

best free embroidery software


Drum Roll… – It’s Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is producing stunning embroidery designs and they have a regular supply of new designs being created by their team.

The designs range from artistic fonts suitable for special occasions such as weddings or christenings, through to animal prints and statements about how we are feeling about 2020.

Scouting quality designs online has never been easier. On this new site, you can find all the digital design assets you will ever need, machine embroidery files, fonts, graphic designs, and craft files, all gathered under one design library.

If you need a sewing machine to download free embroidery software, please check out my review on the best embroidery machines.  If you know you want a Brother embroidery machine, then see this review to get the right model for you.

There is also their best-paid offer of the year happening right now around Black Friday / Cyber Monday, with all access subscriptions from just $1.  To read all about their special offer, please head over to Creative Fabrica.

Here’s what Creative Fabrica Offer For Free

1. New Free Embroidery Software Designs Offered Each Fortnight

This beauty is one of the current designs which will be free for the next two weeks.  I have to say this one is definitely in my colors!  I’m sure many of you can relate. 

When you go into the store, there is a count-down timer so you can see how long the design will be available for free.  New freebies (free embroidery software) are released every Friday.


Free embroidery software

2. The Embroidery Designs Are Then Available For Purchase

If you miss out on a free design, they are still up and available on the store, but they can be purchased.  Sometimes you just don’t find out about freebies in time hey! 

If you are just after a single design and you have missed the freebie, the prices very reasonable.  I keep seeing single designs available for prices like $3 or $5. 

This is one embroidery design that caught my eye, and I’m sure most of you can relate to it as well.  When I checked there were another dozen or so designs just about coffee.

best free embroidery software with coffee

3. New Free  Embroidery Designs Keep Being Added

To give you an idea of the range of the best free embroidery software available at the Creative Fabrica site, here are some of the current freebies at the time of creating this post:

best free embroidery software


This really is the best free embroidery software that I have found, and believe me, I have been looking for a long time!

best free embroidery software for animal prints

If there is a special occasion coming up like Halloween or Christmas, check-in with Creative Fabrica one or two months prior, and they should have some relevant designs up.

best free embroidery software for weddings

When you find a designer that you are particularly fond of (I see you Embroidery Shelter), you can easily find their other designs. 

So funny I just wrote that, because this design just caught my eye, and it is by the same designer (Embroidery Shelter) who created the pink sewing machine design I mentioned earlier. 

You can see all the supported file types in this picture which covers every type your machine may use.

free embroidery software cats

If you are wondering how the whole free download works, see the following image – it’s really simple.  To get the full advantage of the best free embroidery software you do need to know how to download.

You just click on the green download button by the design you like, and you can save the zip file to use.  The software itself comes with a commercial license so you are free to use it as long as you want.

best free embroidery software

The timer lets you know how long you have to download embroidery software while it is still free.  After that, if you really want the software you can buy it.  Otherwise, go to their Freebies area which is found on the top right-hand side of the Creative Fabrica website.  

Each design has 4 sizes that you can select, and there is a PDF that you download with a page of instructions for your design in your chosen size. 


4. Other File Types Can Be Requested

Sometimes you find the perfect design, but it’s not in the format that your machine can use.  Perhaps you have a special font that you need for a Wedding, or a child’s design to re-invent your own childhood memories. 

If you get stuck and would like that design in another format, the team at Creative Fabrica has said to contact them.  I’ve been in touch with them several times now, and they are always super friendly and quick to get back to me.


5. You Can Subscribe For All You Can Sew

Creative Fabrica also has offered you, my readers, a special discount on their embroidery software subscription service.  If you do sign up for that, use this link and add coupon code JENSSEWING35 to get a whopping 35% discount.  When you subscribe you can get access to all their software for a monthly fee.

Conclusion: Best Free Embroidery Software

I hope you can find some wonderful embroidery inspiration now you know where to get your free embroidery software from.  In my opinion, this is the best free embroidery software for Macs and for PCs. 

Please let me know how you get on with your free embroidery software.  Come back to this page as I will be showcasing your completed embroidery should you wish to share it!  There will be an opportunity for you to get more free software too.

I will leave the final words for this post from Creative Fabrica themselves –

Crafted with love and coffee in Amsterdam.