10 Best Machine Embroidery Tutorials – Easy To Follow Videos

Are you looking for the best machine embroidery tutorials?

If the answer is yes, then you came to the right place!

Embroidery is my passion, and I would like to share with you some of the best easy to follow tutorials for machine embroidery that I have found online.

Best Machine Embroidery Tutorials

That way, I can help you to find everything that you need, all the tips and hacks for beginners, and the intermediate embroidery enthusiast all under one roof.

Here are my favorite top ten and the best-rated machine embroidery tutorials:

Machine Embroidery Tutorials

Top 10 Best Machine Embroidery Tutorials

I have compiled a bit of a mixed bag of machine embroidery tutorials for all levels of embroidery machine users. So, please check them all out briefly and see which ones will suit your style of embroidery or which one is going to answer all your questions best! Ready? Then let’s have some fun!


1. Brother™ PE-500 Embroidery Machine Tutorial

I love using Brother Embroidery Machines, and the PE series is especially close to my heart! In this video, you will learn just how easy it is to create luggage tags by using an embroidery machine. Check it out and have a great time designing your personalized tags later.

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2. Freehand Machine Embroidery Tutorial with Janet Clare

Janet Clare is one of the greats when it comes to machine embroidery! In her video, she is using the freehand machine embroidery techniques to show us how to create a house design, together with trees, as well as lettering. Janet’s expertise is impressive, so stay tuned to the video for some great insights for the beginners.


3. Singer Sewing Machine Darning Embroidery Foot

In this video, guys from JOANN show you just how versatile the darning embroidery foot can be when it comes to embroidery. It is not only used for repairing torn areas or fixing holes. This foot is great for free motion embroidery, as well as for monogramming and quilting! That’s right. We can have a bit of fun with this one!


4. Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery

Sara Gallegos is a whizz when it comes to embroidery machines, and she is a pleasure to learn from. In this video, she shares her knowledge about the features of the embroidery machines, types of threads, needles, and much more! Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and have your notebook ready here!


5. Machine Embroidery Basics: Hooping Tutorial

Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design team has some excellent tips when it comes to embroidery. In this video, they will teach us about using the embroidery hoop correctly and achieving professional results every time! You will learn smooth stitching, pucker-free fabric, and matching outlines.


6. Beginner Machine Embroidery Project #1 on PE770 with Crafty Gemini

I love watching the Crafty Gemini’s tutorials. She is so vibrant and extremely informative. In her video, you will learn a lot of basic embroidery tips and tricks, and you will be able to design your patterns on napkins or any other handy materials.

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7. How to embroider on a home sewing machine

Lou is a very handy and very knowledgeable home embroidery specialist. She is amazing! Lou will share her expertise in a quite informative video below. You will definitely need a notepad here, as she will have a long list of things for you to prep before you start embroidery adventure with her.


8. Machine Embroidery for Beginners Tutorial

This video is pretty specific to Husqvarna Viking embroidery machine; however, you may pick up a few helpful hints along the way. Some of the things you will learn include the changing of the presser foot, what needles to use, and plenty of other tips as well.


9. Freestyle Machine Embroidery Tutorial

Helen is yet another sensational industry expert. In her video, you will learn plenty about freestyle or freehand machine embroidery and much more! She is a lovely lady to listen too and a great teacher to learn from! If you absorb the information from Helen, you get all that you need to know!


10. Applique On Your Embroidery Machine

Kathy and Lori are some of the best embroidery fanatics there are. Although their video is at the bottom of my list, please do not underestimate them. In their video, you will see how to create an applique using your embroidery machine using various fabrics.


Final words:

I love learning new things, and the truth is that there is always something more to learn when it comes to embroidery.  I hope you have gained some insight and inspiration from this article.  If you are holding back wondering where to start, just jump in!  Embroidery is such fun and ever so rewarding – you will wonder why you took so long to give it a try.

Best Machine Embroidery Tutorials

I hope that you enjoyed the above videos, and there were some helpful and handy lessons there for you. If there are other videos that you would suggest to watch, please don’t hesitate to let us know.