Best Scissors for Cutting Fabric 2020 Ultimate Guide!

Are you looking for the best fabric scissors in 2020? Well, you have come to the right place!

Having the right tools for when you are creative in your sewing studio is a must! And having the best scissors for cutting fabric is essential, or I should say, even crucial to cut certain materials.

Best Scissors for Cutting Fabric

There are hundreds of types and dozens of brands of sewing scissors out there. However, only a select few of those have made it to the reputable top list and are highly recommended by the respected sewing community.

In this ultimate guide, we have the top fabric cutting sewing scissors and the best sellers in their class!

Best Scissors for Cutting Fabric

I have spent countless hours working with the scissors and shears listed below, and I am proud to recommend every one of those.

Although all of them are of exceptional quality and are easy to use, the top-ranking ones are there for a reason. And if you are after the best, then you must check out the Gingher 8″ Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears.

This is my No.1 pick of the bunch:

best fabric scissors

My personal top pick for the best scissors for cutting fabric and the best fabric scissors 2020!  I’ve been using Gingher scissors for many years now, and they are still performing really well for me.  I always keep my sewing scissors well away from paper, so no one uses them for anything but material.



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Best Fabric Cutting Scissors Comparison Chart

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best scissors for cutting fabric
Gingher 8"
Best Scissors for Cutting Fabric
Best Scissors for Cutting Fabric
Gingher 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker's Shears4.9
best scissors for cutting fabric
Westcott 13901 8"
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricWestcott 13901 8" Straight Titanium Bonded Scissors Two in the Pack4.8
best scissors for cutting fabric
Singer 8.5"
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricSinger 8.5" Fabric Scissors with Comfort Grip4.7
Singer 3404 Scissors
Singer 3404
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricSinger 3404 Sewing and Craft Scissors Set4.6
Singer 00561 Scissors
Singer 561 561 8.5"
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricSinger 561 561 8.5" Professional Series Scissors Heavy Duty Bent4.6
bets titanium scissors
Best Titanium Scissors
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricBest Titanium Scissors - 3 Shears in One Pack4.5
Fiskars 01-005437
Fiskars 8"
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricFiskars 8" Heritage Seamstress Scissors4.3
Fiskars Amplify
Fiskars Amplify
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricFiskars 171010-1001 Amplify RazorEdge Fabric Shears 10" Orange4.3
Galadim 9
Galadim 9"
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricGaladim Dressmaking Scissors 9"3.9
BIHRTC Vintage
BIHRTC Vintage
Best Scissors for Cutting FabricBIHRTC Vintage European Style Plum Blossom Scissors for Embroidery, Sewing and Craft3.8

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Difference between Scissors vs. Shears

When buying your next pair of sewing cutters, take into consideration, what is the difference between scissors vs. shears. And yes, there is a difference.


Length of the blades

Scissors are typically 6″ long and shorter while the shears are usually 7″ and longer. The length of the blades is very important when you are cutting a specific type of fabric.

I would recommend that you use the scissors for thin to medium thickness material, while I would suggest using the shears for thicker fabrics and more soft materials, like silk.


The shape of the handles

Scissors typically come with equally sized handles and are usually symmetrical in design, while the shears mostly come with one side bent into a flatter position. This shape allows for the shears to be best for using when cutting the material on a flat surface.


Level of comfort

Comfort when using scissors is important. Why? When you are working with your sewing scissors daily, you can quickly develop conditions such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Disorder). And as we all know, this is very common among the sewing community.

Scissors usually come with a thinner handle and openings only for a thumb on one side and a maximum of 2 fingers on the other. Shears, on the other hand, most come with a typical thumb opening on one side, while the other side of the handle can fit the rest of the fingers.

This makes the shears superior to the scissors for when it comes to precision of cutting – and of course – comfort!


Final Verdict

Choosing the best sewing scissors or the best shears for cutting fabric can be difficult. I know because, over the years, I have gone through quite a bunch of them!

In my opinion, best dressmaker shears or good scissors for cutting fabric are, of course, the Gingher 8. These guys are super reliable, very tough when it comes to cutting material, and have been ranked as the best fabric scissors 2020 and 2020! These are my No.1 best fabric cutting scissors!