Compare Brother Sewing Machines 2020 Ultimate Comparison Chart!


I know how hard it is to compare Brother sewing machines. There are so many choices and so many variables to consider before taking out the wallet. How many stitches does the machine have?

How powerful is the motor and is it going to withstand the kind of sewing that I want to do? And the main question: which is the best sewing machine on the market today?

Best Brother Sewing Machines


Compare Brother Sewing Machines

My purpose is, and what I love to do, is to help you to find what you are looking for. Here is a comparison chart for all the best of the best in Brother machines for this year:

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Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review
Brother CS6000i
Best Sewing Machine for Business

Best for a small business!608504.9
Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine Review
Brother XM2701

Best for a beginner!278004.8
Brother SE400 Compiuterized Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Brother SE400
Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

Best starter for sewing and embroidering.

Brother SE 600 Review
Brother SE600
Best Sewing Machine for Home Use

Best for home user!1038504.5
Brother XR9500PRW
Brother XR9500PRW
Best for quilting!1008504.5
Brother Serger 1034D
Brother 1034D
Best cheap machine!

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My Top Pick for Sewing

My personal recommendation, for when choosing the right Brother machine is the number one on the list above, the Brother CS6000i. This is the best selling machine on the market and one of the most reliable machines that I have ever used for sewing specifically!

My No.1 sewing machine for this year!


Best Sewing Machine for Business


My Top Pick for Entry Level:

If you are just starting your sewing adventures, then my best pick for you would be the Brother SE400. This has been the top ranking machine for many years and continues to be the best seller in its class.

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners


My Top Pick for Advanced User:

My choice is without hesitation the Brother SE600. This machine is an upgraded version of the SE 400. It is the bomb on the market today and a great all arounder.

Tip: Check out our detailed review of Brother SE600.

Best Sewing Machine for Home Use


My Top Pick for Quilting:

Quilting is another art of sewing and I love it! My tip for the best one is the Brother XR9500PRW. There is no competition here in the price range!

My Top Pick for Cheap Machine:

Best inexpensive one is, of course, the Brother 1034D. This lovely piece of equipment comes with tonnes of bells and whistles and at an affordable price tag. Good and reliable.

My Top Pick for Kids:

If you are after the perfect machine for your little ones and you want them to have plenty of fun without running into problems, then you need the Brother XM2701.

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