How to Make Custom Embroidered Towels

Wouldn’t it be nice to personalize a towel by putting your name or initials on it? 

Of course, it would! You’ll be glad to know that it’s a pretty easy thing to do.

You must have seen a lot of embroidered bath towels before and wonder how long it took to imprint those designs on. While there are different ways to do it and the most straightforward process we can tell you is through embroidery!

Custom Embroidery Towels - Custom Embroidered Towels

Embroidery on towels is both a fun and creative activity among many embroiderers. But if you’re new to it, we’re more than happy to take you through the process with this short guide.

Other reasons you might like to add names or initials to towels include:

  1. Large families where it is difficult to remember which towel is which
  2. AirBnbs needing to get their towels back after laundering them
  3. Businesses wanting to add their branding in a luxurious manner

So, let’s begin!


Where To Start With Custom Embroidered Towels

To make custom embroidered towels, in order to get started, you will need to have at least the necessary materials beside you.

Personalized Embroidered Towels

The important ones include a stabilizer, a needle with a round head or an embroidery machine, colored threads of your choice, and an embroidery hoop.

Tip: Check out our post to find the best embroidery machines for custom designs.


Type of Stabilizer

The use of stabilizers is important for embroidery because it holds the towel in place so that the letters will stay uniform.

Custom Embroidery Towels - Custom Embroidered Hand Towels and Face Washe Towels

From a few suitable stabilizers out there such as cut-away, washable or tear-away, we suggest using the medium weight of any kind. That’s because they are perfect for making towel designs, especially small, embroidered hand towels.


Machine or Needle?

While needles are good for learning how to sew, owning an embroidery machine is much better.

Custom Embroidery Towels - Embroidery on Towels

No doubt, a machine can be quite costly, but if we think of the long run in this line of work, it will become a worthy investment.

For instance, it saves the user a lot of time compared to sewing by hand. You also get precise and neat stitches using an embroidery machine.

If you’re a beginner, we do recommend using a needle at the initial stage of learning, but then if you’re on for more serious projects in the future, invest in a good machine.


Steps to Create Your Custom Embroidery Towels

Here are the steps to making your very own custom embroidered towels:

Custom Embroidery Towels - Custom Baby Towels

  • Pick a design

The first thing to do is to select a design that you like from your machine to start making those personalized embroidered towels.

Keep in mind to choose a monogram that comes with an underlay, so that it forms a strong foundation of threads underneath the visible stitches.

  • Choose the area for the design.

While choosing the spot for the design, make sure it is plain and does not contain any prior stitches/designs.

Also, make sure that there is space to fix the hoop. That means it cannot be way over in the corner of the towel because that will be hard for hooping.

  • Place a stabilizer over the design.

When you’re sure about the area, place the stabilizer right above it in the direction where the stitching is going to happen.

  • Start hooping

When fixing the hoop, be sure to keep the stabilizer straight and plain, without too many cripples.

Do not stretch the towel too much because that will only deform the shape later on when the stitching is done.

  • Begin stitching

Press the ‘start’ option when ready. The machine will do all the stitching, yet, it is still important for you to stay and keep watch because you might need to move the hoop time and again.

  • Remove both hoop and stabilizer.

After finishing the stitching process, remove the hoop. Then, carefully start removing the stabilizer too.

If it’s washable, soak the embroidered part in water and wait till it dissolves. While if it’s tear-away or cut-away, be extra gentle when you reach the embroidered area, so it does not affect the fresh stitching.


Final Words

We hope our short guide was able to help you get more insights about towel embroidery. It is indeed very easy and does not require too much time, especially when working on a machine.

And it is all for today! We’ll see you again soon.

Until then, keep stitching!