DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorial – Stunning Felt Design Ideas

Looking for some easy ideas for how to make DIY Christmas decorations? We got you covered here with our DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorial!

We all love to decorate our homes for Christmas, right? And what better way to create a magic atmosphere, than by creating some stunning DIY Christmas ornaments.

Ornaments that you can easily do with your kids, to make the season that much more special.  People have been using felt when making DIY Christmas ornaments for decades now, so it is seen as somewhat traditional.

DIY Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornament Tutorial


DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Below, you will find everything that you need, including the materials, step-by-step instructions as well as some handy tips for making life easier.

DIY Felt Christmas Ornament

So, let’s have some fun and make some amazing homemade Christmas ornaments together.



The following materials are the minimum things you will need to make felt decorations:

  • A good quality felt fabric in white and red
  • Embroidery thread in white and orange
  • Hand-sewing needles
  • Fabric glue
  • Medium size scissors for cutting fabric with a curved tip
  • Pen or pencil
  • A3 size sheet of thick white paper
  • Set of small, decorative pegs
  • Red and white color ribbon


Step-by-Step Instructions:

Here are easy step-by-step instructions of how to make beautiful and elegant Christmas ornaments:


Step 1  

Draw your shapes on a piece of thick white paper using a pen or a pencil and cut them out carefully. Place the paper shapes on the white sheet of good quality felt and trace over the shape with a pencil. When completed, proceed to cut out the shapes in felt.

DIY Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornament - Step One

In our case, we are making a white reindeer with a small red heart, so the first step is to cut out the shape of the reindeer in white felt.


Step 2 

Proceed to cut out a shape in red felt, to complement the shape cut out from the white felt. 

DIY Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornament - Step Two

In our case, the next step is to cut out the shape of a small red heart, small enough to fit nicely on top of the reindeer for decoration.


Step 3  

To finish off the edges of the felt shapes, proceed with a blanket stitch using the contrasting color embroidery thread. 

DIY Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornament - Step Three

For the white shape use the orange thread, and for the red shape use the white thread. 

DIY Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornament - Step Three


Step 4 

To decorate the white shape (the reindeer), stitch the red shape (the heart) to the top of the white shape. Do so for all of the other designs or shapes if you like.

DIY Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornament - Step Five


Step 5  

Now that all of your ornaments are ready, it is time to decorate the house. Yey!

Personally, I love using ribbons to attach the shapes to the Christmas tree, white ribbon for the red shapes, and red ribbon for the white shapes.

DIY Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornaments - Step Five

Alternatively, you can use small light wood-color pegs for attaching to a string. This way, you can create chains of designs as well.

DIY Hand Sewn Felt Christmas Ornament Tutorial - Decorating


Handy Tips

There are a number of other tools that you can utilize in the creative process if you would like. You can create some beautiful Christmas embroidery stitches by using an embroidery machine. This way you are not limited to simple designs, and you can create some amazing pictures to complement the cut-out designs.  I’d recommend you check out several Pinterest boards to get lots of ornament design ideas.


What About Crochet?

Another great Christmas idea is to crochet some gifts or Christmas ornaments.  We love the idea of being able to crochet your own Christmas Tree or make your own Christmas Stocking.  If you want to start crafting but can’t yet afford a sewing machine, crochet is a great alternative as you can make most of these Christmas ornaments for a few dollars – and you might even have some wool lying around that you can use.

crochet ideas for christmas


Final Thoughts

As you can tell, there are tonnes of Christmas designs or shapes that you can make here. You can make more intricate designs such as a white snowman with red buttons, or you can stick to the easier shapes like hearts or Christmas trees. The choice is yours here.  After making these Christmas ornaments you will never throw away your felt off-cuts again.