DIY Hand Made Easter Sewing Ideas | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Looking for some easy do make Easter Sewing Ideas? We have an excellent project for you right here!

Making your Easter sewing projects with your kids not only brings you and your little ones closer together but also creates an opportunity for your kids to be creative and make Easter that much more special.

One great reason to make your own Easter Eggs out of felt is that they are not made out of chocolate!  This gives you the chance to cut down on the amount of sugar you or your children eat at this particular time of the year.

What I found in my house was that once we started making our felt easter eggs, that we just had a couple of very special chocolate Easter Eggs per person, which kept everyone nice and trim, and the kids remained calm as well, which was a great bonus.

Once the children had made their eggs and bunnies, they started to make some as gifts as well.  They gave some to their friends and also put some aside for the next time that their grandparents came to visit.

DIY Hand Easter Sewing Projects Step by Step Tutorial


DIY Easter Sewing Ideas – Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you what materials to use, take you through with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.   If you are an experienced sewer, you will probably have most of these materials at home already.




Step-by-Step Instructions:

Here are our easy step-by-step instructions for how to make your very own Easter sewing project:


Step 1  

Draw your shapes on your white paper sheet with a pen or a pencil. 

DIY Hand Easter Sewing Ideas Step by Step Tutorial

Place the paper shapes (according to the colors) on your chosen color felt and trace over the shapes with a pencil. When completed, you are ready to cut them out.


Step 2 

A great way to finish off the edges of the felt egg is to use a blanket stitch choosing the complementing color embroidery thread. 

DIY Hand Easter Sewing Idea

For the yellow shape, use the red thread, for the pink or blue shape, use the white thread, and so on. 


Step 3 

To decorate your Easter eggs, cut out little shapes of leaves and flowers and stitch them onto the egg shape with a corresponding color that will complement the color of the shape.

DIY Hand Easter Sewing Project Step by Step Tutorial


Final Thoughts and Tips

I love to have fun with Easter sewing ideas, simply because there are so many. You can also choose to create other shapes, such as Easter bunnies or little chicks.

You can also create unique Easter sewing projects using your embroidery machine. This way, you can experiment to no end with creative Easter embroidery designs.

It’s great not to be limited to simple designs, especially when your creative talents come out for the holidays! You can create your personalized designs to decorate your Easter ornaments.