5 Best Embroidery Gifts (For Embroiderers) For 2020

Are you having a hard time selecting gifts for embroidery gifts for lovers of embroidery?

Finding the perfect gift for an embroiderer friend or relative can be difficult, especially with thousands of products to choose from. We have faced that struggle, and we appreciate how real the struggle is. But, having a well-thought-out list of gift options makes it a piece of cake!

We have shortlisted five products that will be of immense use to any embroiderer. If you are an artisan, you know how gratifying it can be to receive a gift that helps simplify your stitching endeavors.

The next time you have to pick a gift for an embroiderer friend or relative of yours, pick one or more products from our list of recommendations.


How To Choose Embroidery Gifts

Choosing gifts for embroiderers is more straightforward than it may seem at first. Here are some gifts that any embroiderer would love to receive.


1. Embroidery Machine

One of the most vital tools used by an embroiderer is the embroidery machine. What better gift can you give a crafty friend of yours than a brand new embroidery machine? It is an obvious yet foolproof choice for an embroidery gift.

best embroidery machine as a gift

There are all kinds of embroidery machines available in the market covering a wide array of features and having a diverse price range (from a couple of hundred dollars to multiple thousand).

Embroidery machines are broadly classified into three types, going from reasonable to expensive:

  • Machines that have built-in designs and patterns with no scope for adding new ones.
  • Machines that have built-in designs and patterns and come with a USB port to allow adding new ones.
  • Machines that have built-in designs and patterns and can connect directly to the internet, enabling you to download new ones.

If you want to gift an embroidery machine to somebody who is just starting embroidery, the first type should suffice, and it costs roughly 30% less than the other two.

Best Embroidery Gifts

If you are picking a machine for an expert, you might want to buy one that has all or some of the following specifications:

  • All-in-one features that allow you to carry out stitching, ruffles, and monogramming.
  • Autopilot and automatic thread tension function to provide consistent speed and tension.
  • Color-coded threading and top-loaded bobbin functions make embroidery simpler.
  • You should get a sufficient frame area to work, preferably larger than 4 x 4 inches.

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2. Embroidery Thread

Embroidery thread is the most crucial material you can find in an embroiderer’s workstation. The fantastic designs you see on any fabric or other material is just thread that has been sewn artistically to create a thing of beauty!

best thread set for embroidery

You cannot go wrong if you gift embroidery threads to somebody who has a keen interest in the field. Various types of threads are used in embroidery, with significant differences between threads used for hand and machine embroidery.

Hand embroidery uses heavier yarn, while the bobbin thread used for machine embroidery is lightweight. You should choose the type of thread that the recipient is most likely to use.

best large set of embroidery thread

Many embroidery threads sets consist of an excellent selection of colors. You can rest assured that a comprehensive embroidery thread set makes for a great gift.

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3. Embroidery Books

Embroidery is all about creating beautiful designs that significantly enhance the look and feel of a fabric or other material.

best book on embroidery

There is only so much the human mind can come up with in terms of patterns, color combinations, and overall designs. Modern machines come loaded with thousands of designs, and you can add more designs to the software.

The internet is a data mine for everything, including embroidery designs. While most of us prefer soft copies of everything we need, there are some who like the old-fashioned hard copy in the form of books.

best guide to starting embroidery

It is an excellent idea to gift an embroidery book containing designs or general tips for excelling at the craft.

A book is considered to be one of the most thoughtful gifts. If you know an embroiderer who is fond of reading, you cannot find a better embroidery gift for him!

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4. Pair of scissors

One of the relatively inexpensive gift options in our list of recommendations is a pair of scissors. It may not be the most elite or graceful gifts, but it certainly has excellent utility in an embroiderer’s life.

best scissors for embroidery

A pair of scissors is one of the must-have things in an embroidery workplace.

Scissors come in handy for cutting small pieces of thread away from the embroidered design. It is often used to cut the excess bobbin thread from an embroidery machine (if it does not have in-built trimmer).

If you are an embroiderer, you know that no piece of embroidery can be completed without using a pair of scissors at least a couple of times.

Best Scissors for Cutting Fabric

You can find fancy pairs of scissors that look elegant instead of mundane alternatives. We recommend combining it with another product from this list to have a more valuable gift.

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5. Fabric Glue

Gone are the days where embroidery was all about different colors of thread. With time, embroidery has evolved to include other elements like pearls, beads, sequins, and more. Most of the modern embroidery designs you will see today incorporate one or more of these non-traditional materials.

best fabric glue for sewing

Considering how useful fabric glue has been in the field of embroidery in recent years, you can gift it to somebody who is fond of using more than just thread in their projects.

Regular glue is not useful for sticking stuff on fabric, and as the majority of embroidery work is done on fabric, fabric glue is an essential material for embroiderers.

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Summing It Up

There are many more embroidery gifts that you can give to an artisan; the five tools we have shortlisted are the most commonly used in the embroidery field. Whether it is a hobbyist, beginner, or a professional, receiving a thoughtful embroidery gift is sure to encourage and uplift artisans.

Embroidery requires a lot of skill that takes time and patience to master. Having the right tools at your disposal is half the battle won! Selecting one or more of the gift options from our five recommendations will ensure that you help provide the right tools.

Till next time!