Top 5 Gifts For Sewers & Sewing Enthusiasts!

Shopping for the best gift ideas for sewers or perhaps some unique gifts for sewering enthusiasts? Look no more! Our list of top 5 gifts for sewers has got you covered!

There are literally tonnes of websites and shops that will try to sell you or tell you which are the best present ideas for sewers, and all of them keep writing longer and longer lists.

Best Gifts for Sewers

How about making it easier for us all creating a short-list, but a great list of gifts for sewers and sewing enthusiasts! Well, I hope that my top five list of gifts for sewers will help you to make the choice easy.


Top 5 Gifts for Sewers

I believe that life is better, without complicating things. And especially when it comes to trying to find a gift for someone that probably has it all could be nerve-wracking, right?

Best Gifts for Sewers

So make sure to check in on your friend or a family member that you wanting to surprise and try to find out what are they missing in their studio, or try to figure out what they could benefit from as an add-on. 

I do understand that every case is different and some of my suggestions may not work for you or might seem too obvious. However, when it comes to these five gifts for sewer ideas that I am about to list for you, a fanatic sewer can always have more of those too! 

1. A New Embroidery Machine

One of the best things that you can give the sewing enthusiast is obviously a sewing machine. And there are never too many gadgets to own for one of us sewing-loving maniacs, right?

best sewing machine as a gift

Yes, these gifts are usually more expensive than a few dollars, but that is exactly why they will not be expected. Bear in mind that there are cheaper options as well. You can check out some of the best embroidery machine reviews here.


2. Sewing Books

Not everyone loves books and I am one of those people. Reading is really not my thing. However, when it comes to broadening my knowledge about sewing or embroidery, books prove themselves to be very helpful!

best sewing machine book

You can check out my collection of ideas for gifts for sewers in my post about the top embroidery machine books here. I am sure that you will find something exciting there for your friend of even for yourself.


3. A Portable Machine

Another option of a great sewing gift is, of course, a smaller portable sewing machine. This one is especially suitable for someone that does a bit of mobile work. 

best simple sewing machine

One of my favorite choices for a portable machine is a Singer. These machines never disappoint. Check out the best buy Singer sewing machine options here.


4. Fabric Shears

Every reputable sewer needs to have a great pair of fabric shears. Although it may seem a bit weird gift to give, it will be a great present idea for a sewer for sure!

best scissors for sewing

If you are interested in checking out some of the best ones there are on the market today, please have a look at my collection of ideas for best fabric shears here.


5. Fabric Markers

I love working with fabric markers and gifting a good set of those is definitely a great idea. However, if you think that it is not enough, you can always combine the gifts with some of the other from the list.

best fabric marker set

Check out my fabric marker reviews for the most popular fabric markers available. I am sure that you will find what you looking for there.


Final Thoughts

I loved just writing this post, as all of the above and more are on my list of gifts that I would like to get. There are simply never enough gadgets in a true sewing studio and one can always keep improving as well.

I hope that you have found what you were looking for and will make someone’s day! 


Over to you:

If you have any other ideas for gifts for sewers, please share it with us in the comments below.