How Much is an Embroidery Machine?

Are you looking for how much is an embroidery machine? Well, you came to the right place!

Embroidery machines vary in price depending on a number of factors. I have spent the last two decades researching some of the best machines available on the market today! Saying that, let me help you find the prices that you are searching for!

How Much in an Embroidery Machine


Before you start looking for how much does an embroidery machine cost?

Let’s have a look at the three most important factors before searching for the prices:

  • BRANDS: There are plenty of amazing machines on the market, but only a few brands stand out when it comes to embroidery. These top embroidery machine brands are of course BrotherSinger, and Janome. Tip: Check out my Top 10 best embroidery machine reviews here!
  • YOUR NEEDS: How much is an embroidery machine will also vary depending on if you are a beginner or a more advanced user. You simply will not need to spend too much money on a new machine is you are just starting out in embroidery.
  • TYPE OF EMBROIDERY: Machines also vary greatly in the number of in-built stitches and embroidery designs. I would strongly advise looking into the numbers of inclusions in the machine you choose. And do so before looking at the price.

Now, that you know what to look for before checking out the prices, let me help you to what you are really here for. Let’s have a look at how much does an embroidery machine cost?


How much is an embroidery machine?

My favorite way to search for prices of the embroidery machines is via Amazon! This is by far the best search engine for all crafty machines and much more!

Machine Embroidery Tutorials

I love looking through the best selling machines, checking out the reviews (and there are usually hundreds, if not thousands to sift through), and finding out the stats.

Checking out the machines there is easy! You can quickly scan through the prices, star ratings, and inclusions, as well as find out what great packages come with the machines as well.

OK, here are some links to help you to find exactly what you are searching for:


How much is a Brother embroidery machine?

Check out the prices and read what people think about the most popular Brother embroidery machines here and best Brother machines here!

how much is an embroidery machine


Bestsellers in Brother embroidery machines! Ranking as No.1 best embroidery machine under 1000 dollars!

In comparison to the sewing machine prices, embroidery machines come with a slightly higher price bracket. My favorite and my No.1 Brother PE800 featured above, usually sits just over $500 depending on if it comes in a package with some great inclusions, such as hardcover and other accessories. 

Tip: You can check out my Brother PE 800 embroidery machine reviews here!

You can pick up my No.2 embroidery machine Brother SE 400 for under $500. This is also an amazing embroidery machine and it is better for a beginner embroidery enthusiast. 

Tip: Check out my Brother SE400 review here!

Should you want to get into a small business or you are searching for a commercial embroidery machine, then you will definitely be spending anywhere from $1000 and up!

Tip: Check out my Brother SE 1900 review here!


How much is a Singer sewing machine?

Check out the prices and read what people think about the most favorite Singer embroidery machines here!

best singer sewing machine

My top pick for an Embroidery Machine in a higher price bracket.


I am in love with my Singer XL580 featured above.  I know that it doesn’t rank as high as some of the ones that you will see once you scoot over to, but it has been one of the most reliable Singer machines for me and I am sticking by it!


How much is a Janome embroidery machine?

Check out the prices and read what people think about the highest-ranking Janome embroidery machines!

best janome sewing machine


This is the best ranking Janome embroidery machine!


This machine is a monster of an embroidery machine! Now, as you wander over to the site to check out the prices for the Janome Horizon 12000, you might get a little fright. Yes, the price is very high! I thought that you might like to see one of the most expensive ones too.

As you can tell, this machine comes with highly sophisticated specs and it is probably recommended for an embroidery business rather than for a home user. The choice is yours there of course.


Final Thoughts

Prices tags on are subject to change. The companies keep upgrading the machines from time to time and also put the machines in packages, so we can benefit from those more.

I hope that my post helps you to figure out the prices for how much is an embroidery machine. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.