Top 5 Machine Embroidery Blogs in 2021 – Embroidery Experts!

Are you looking for the best machine embroidery blogs to follow in 2021?

Learning from passionate embroidery experts is the key to getting to know all the ins-and-outs of the embroidery game. Embroidery is an ever-changing industry.

Staying on top of the trends and having a good embroidery machine is the key to success! And that is why I choose my favorite embroidery blogs to follow carefully.

Here are my top five machine embroidery blogs to follow this year!


Top 5 Machine Embroidery Blogs to Follow in 2021

1. Secrets of Embroidery Blog

Debbie Henry is a mastermind behind the Secrets of Embroidery Blog. Her expertise and attention to detail are next to none! I love reading her very well written and extensively informative blog posts!

All posts are packed to the brim with great infographics, creative examples, and well-presented photos! Easy to read and loads of fun!

Secrets of Embroidery Blog

You can check out the blog in person by clicking the link here: Secrets of Embroidery Blog

I love this blog and I am happy to say that it is my No.1 blog to follow this year!


2. Creative Machine Embroidery

Everyone should know this one! The Creative Machine Embroidery is a blog that is also a very well-known embroidery magazine!

This blog is filled to the brim with everything about embroidery, great stories, and fun-filled photography. I love reading the current and past issues of the magazine as well, which you can get from the blog as well!

Creative Machine Embroidery

You can check out the blog in person by clicking the link here: Creative Machine Embroidery


3. The Embroiderist

The Embroiderist, Colleen Bell, is known for her very detailed step-by-step guides and large imagery. What I love the most about this blog, is the very personal touch when it comes to the layout of the blogroll.

When you are reading this blog, you feel like you are truly a part of the family. Colleen shares her industry secrets and embroidery projects in a simple, direct and personal manner. And that is why I love her!

The Embroiderist

You can check out the blog in person by clicking the link here: The Embroiderist


4. Machine Embroidery Geek

If you are searching for great ideas, new and on-trend embroidery designs, or amazing and well-written articles with awesome pictures, then you have found it all here! This is my one-stop-shop for pretty things.

The blog posts are very detailed and easy to browse through, the information is always current and it is all around fun to read!

Machine Embroidery Geek

You can check out the blog in person by clicking the link here: Machine Embroidery Geek


5. The Seasoned Homemaker

Leslie is the creative mastermind behind The Seasoned Homemaker. Every time I read her articles and watch the videos, I feel very homely and happy for some reason.

I love the very detailed information in the videos and all the step-by-step tutorials. Leslie is a magician when it comes to embroidery and you must follow her blog for sure!

The Seasoned Homemaker

You can check out the blog in person by clicking the link here: The Seasoned Homemaker


Final Words:

I love blogging and I love fellow bloggers as well. The only way to stay on-trend within your niche is to connect with other passionate people in your industry.

These guys that I have mentioned for you above are truly the leaders in our niche and I would strongly recommend that you check them out and get involved.


Over to you:

Which of the above blogs got your attention the most? Have you ever heard about them before?

If you have any other tips for a great blog to follow this year, please share your thought in the comments below.