Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review


Are you looking for the Brother PE535 embroidery machine review? Then you came to the right place!

With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the most convenient embroidery machine for your projects. What’s harder is trying to find one which is easy to operate and affordable.

For these reasons, we will introduce you to the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine. It is portable, easy to operate, and has a range of features.

Brother PE535 embroidery machine

If you are a beginner in this line of work, you’ll find this sewing machine very convenient to work with.

Among many users, this is one of the best embroidery machines that are both highly preferable and affordable.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a quick look at our review on this one of the top-rated embroidery machines here.

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • User Experience
Pros: Great machine for beginners, very compact and great for portability. Overall good machine with a good price tag.
Cons: Too basic for an advanced user.


Reviewing the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

The best thing about the Brother PE535 machine is that it is easy to use. Therefore, anybody with a keen interest in embroidery can use it without any hassle to produce beautiful pieces.

Brother PE535 embroidery machine

It is also very light and compact, which makes it perfect if you have to move around a lot.


Features of the Brother PE 535 Embroidery Machine

The machine has a warranty of 25 years, so you can tell it is of good quality that will serve you for years.

The reason it’s very portable is that it weighs only 14 pounds, and it’s compact, with an embroidery area of 4×4 inches.

Let’s take a look at its other features in details:


Storage Memory

A collection of designs is available on iBroidery that comes along with the embroidery machine. On top of that, users can download patterns and designs online to their USB drive and connect it directly to the machine, then save it.

Saving files to the machine’s memory will prevent users from having to connect the USB every time they want to use those patterns.



The machine comes with an LCD screen, which is easy to operate and shows the designs you want to choose. This screen displays the designs with full and original colors, so you don’t have to worry about any color mistakes.

The designs are also vivid, which means you can edit all details with ease before embroidering them.

The touch screen is 3.2 inches big and also allows you to change the colors, designs, and functions to suit your preferences.



The machine contains 80 preinstalled embroidery designs. These designs include florals, fonts, borders or frames, and multiple others.

While these may not be enough for daily embroiderers, you can add and save more online designs after downloading them.

Besides, there are countless more available on that range from comic characters to stylish fonts, which you can easily choose from.

There are also six font options available that allow users to personalize their pieces. These include lower and capital fonts along with symbols and numeric characters, which they can select in large, medium, or small size.

Users can also modify the fonts as they wish by aligning them in different areas on the fabric and adjusting the spaces in between the letters.


A Needle Threader

The needle threader operates automatically to prevent the hassle of threading the needle by yourself. This will save a lot of time from changing threads when working with multi-colored designs and patterns.


How to use the needle threader

Use the lever and raise both the presser foot and the needle. Slide the thread through the guides and then behind the bar.

Take the end of it and slide it through the threader guide’s notch. Next, take the front of the thread and place it on to the disk’s slit.

When this process is done, lower the needle and presser foot while carefully raising the lever. Finally, remember to pull the thread through.


Embroidery Area

As mentioned earlier, the area for embroidering is 4×4 inches, which include in-built tools for aligning the patterns or fabric and a grid sheet.

Here, you can also fix the right position for your needle before sewing.


USB for Importing Files

The machine utilizes the in-built USB port for importing and saving external designs.

It accepts embroidery designs with .pes  and .pen extensions. Therefore, make sure you download online files with these extensions before importing them into the machine.

You can also edit these designs as desired into the machine. Access

With the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine, customers and users have access exclusively to a countless collection of designs that are high in quality.


What comes with it?

The Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine offers its users the following tools and accessories:

  • Embroidery hoop which is 4×4 inches wide
  • One USB cable
  • Embroidery arm
  • Bobbin thread
  • A single cover
  • One power cord
  • A free compartment Accessory/Arm
  • One bag (which contains a seam ripper, needle set, three bobbins, three spool caps, two screwdrivers, a touch pen, scissors, and a cleaning brush.)
  • A manual that’s written in Spanish and English
  • Warranty of 25 years
  • Accessory feet (which include an embroidery foot, blind stitch foot, monogramming foot, overcasting foot, buttonhole foot, and a zipper foot.)


Brother PE535 Software

To have access to new designs, keep in mind that you need to download the latest updates of the machine’s software time and again.

You’ll find more trendy designs available with .pes and .pen file extensions on



Pros and Cons of PE 535

According to our research, we found that this embroidery machine has more positive than negative reviews. Take a quick look at the following:



Lots of designs and patterns

The embroidery machine comes with 80 ready-to-use designs and multiple more online, so users have a wide range of choices for daily use.

Affordable price

Compared to other embroidery machines with multiple features, this one comes at an affordable price and is available on a lot of online selling platforms.


The machine is pretty compact and lightweight, which makes carrying around easy. It is very convenient to pack for traveling as it consumes very little space.

Easy to set up

Setting up this embroidery machine is pretty simple. All you have to do is use the motor and thread spools to thread the already attached bobbin.

Moreover, it comes with a manual that is easy to follow.

Easy to operate

To use the machine, you’re required to follow a few simple steps.

When the threading part is done, choose a design either from the machine, online, or on their website.

Edit or enhance the colors as desired. And that is all you need to do. The machine will take care of the rest.



Best suited only for beginners

While the machine can be pretty good for beginners, it can be pretty basic for the advanced user who is looking forward to performing multiple other tasks with it.


FAQs of Brother PE535

During our research, we found several questions regarding the uses of this machine. However, some questions are very common, raised by beginners and new users.

So, in our Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review, we shall try to answer these questions.


Is the machine suitable for beginners?

After what we have discussed, you probably know the answer to this question by now.

The machine is indeed beginner-friendly, thanks to the following reasons we found through long hours of research:

  • Beginners find this machine very easy to use because it has an LCD touchscreen with a friendly user interface, and it has also made editing designs and adjustments pretty easy.
  • Besides this, the threader also works automatically, which makes traditional threading unnecessary. It’s convenient for beginners to use the machine as soon as they purchased it without having to go through the initial confusion.
  • The machine also contains simple built-in tutorials that are easy to understand for any learner.

While this is good for beginners, you may wonder what uses it serves intermediate or advanced users.

As we mentioned earlier, the machine is quite simple and is used only for embroidery purposes, yet advanced users can also use it for other reasons.

These include the price of the machine, which is very affordable compared to expensive brands, the benefits of 25 years of warranty, and the fact that it comes with a lot of designs too.

Moreover, they can easily work with other slightly complicated features, including mirror images and modifying the design sizes with no hassle.

This is the right machine if you want to try out different creations without worrying about its durability or depletion.


Final Verdict

Finally, we are going to mention that the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine is perfect for experimenting and discovering new creations that reflect your creativity in the highest quality possible.

We recommend giving this machine a try because we’re sure it will grow into you with each piece you create and will serve you for a very long time.


With that, we will end our Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review and hope to see you again soon.

Happy embroidering!


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