Singer 4452 Review – The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

Are you looking for the best heavy duty sewing machine?

Check out our detailed Singer 4452 review.

This is the best heavy-duty machine on the market today!

There are tonnes of heavy-duty embroidery machines on the market today, however, this Singer 4452 embroidery machine is my absolute favorite for this year!

Singer Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine

Best heavy-duty embroidery machine!

Singer 4452 Review:

The Singer 4452 is a great heavy-duty embroidery machine suitable for both personal and industrial use both for beginners and matured tailors.

The Singer 4452 is the improved version of the heavy-duty embroidery machines. It has excellent ratings from verified buyers thanks to its strengths and its reinforced metal interior design, which undoubtedly means prolonged life for its interior.

This sewing machine offers a reverse lever that prevents your clothes from untangling, a side thread trimmer, and automatic threading has an automatic one-step buttonhole and a spool system that offers width up to 6mm.

This heavy-duty model has several functions that allow you to sew smoothly and quickly, and is made with the best materials, making it both long-lasting and reliable.

St Patrick's Day Ornaments

An advantage of using a heavy-duty sewing machine like the Singer 4452 embroidery machine is that you can complete craft projects like the above in felt. 

There is an improvement of the last singer embroidery machine and is made with high-quality materials with a beautiful design that allows you create beautiful garments, it also comes with 110 stitch applications for any fabric, six basics, seven elastic, 18 decorative, and an automatic one-step buttonhole.

Singer 4452 embroidery machine has a high-speed sewing mechanism reaching 1,100 stitches per minute, which guarantees you of meeting your targets of sewing more garments, it also comes with accessories such as five needles, a cleaning kit, to name a few.

Singer 4452 is that it allows you make a simple yarn effortlessly because it has the instructions printed on the right hand of the embroidery machine which is ideal for beginners so they can learn. The stitch can be selected and changed simply in one easy step and includes free accessories such as 3 Snap-On presser feet.

Weighing in at close to 10 pounds, which is solid enough to move around and comfortable to work with.  Being a heavy duty machine it does weigh a bit more than other sewing machines.  Its measurements include 33 cm x 17.8 cm x 29.2 cm.

As you would expect this sewing machine is designed with your heavy-duty projects in mind, from denim to canvas, you have an extra-high sewing speed to thank for saving your time from stress.

This embroidery machine has an adjustable presser foot pressure. Also, you can sew lightweight sheers, and the stainless steel bedplate allows fabrics to glide over the engine with innate ease.

Features Of The Singer 4452:

  • The Singer 4452 embroidery machine has a sizable 5×7 embroidery field that allows you to produce large designs.
  • There is an LED lighting function to aid the visualization of your work.
  • It also has a great and robust design that is long-lasting.
  • The Singer 4452 embroidery machine is super-fast, which includes 32 types of stitches to achieve spectacular designs with a speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.
  • The Singer 4452 embroidery machine makes garments easy to produce no matter the thickness of the fabric.
  • Includes an automatic needle threader, it also has a quick change presser foot, saving you lots of time and making your work faster.
  • The Singer 4452 embroidery machine has 110 stitch applications for any fabric.
  • Extra-high sewing speed.
  • Has 50% more power for thick fabrics.
  • The Singer 4452 embroidery machine has quick and easy-to-follow threading guides.

What’s In The Box?

The Singer 4452 accessories include:

  • Built-in LED lighting
  • 5×7 inch embroidery field
  • Easy-to-follow threading guides
  • Guide for quilts and borders
  • General-purpose Foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam Ripper/Lint Brush
  • Soft Dust Cover
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Edge/Quilting Guide
  • Pack of Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Spool Caps
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Spool Pin Felt
  • Instruction book
  • Pedal

Singer 4452 Software

Just like the majority of the Singer embroidery machines, the Singer 4452 has an inbuilt LED light which aids in making the production faster. This embroidery machine comes with tonnes of other great features that are worth checking out.

Pros and cons of Singer 4452

The Singer 4452 has its pros and cons, below are some of them:


  • Easy control: It has three wheels located in the upper part that controls the width of the pulse, needle alignment and thread tension
  • Works well: Key function for the treatment of tubular garments
  • Variety of accessories: It has a wide variety of accessories that complement its use
  • 110 stitches, 6 basic stitches + 7 elastic + 18 decorative + 1 automatic buttonholes.
  • Free arm, key function for the treatment of tubular garments.


  • Just a little heavy at 9.9 pounds

Singer 4452 Final Verdict

The Singer 4452 embroidery machine is simple and easy to use; it has specific characteristics which include a reinforced mechanism with a more rigid casing.

It is easy to work with, not just because of its features, but because it has an instruction manual somewhere on the embroidery machine as it helps you make eye-catching and trendy designs.

Our Singer 4452 review notes this model is an improved version of the Singer 4432 and is money well spent.

It has a double-height presser foot and internal structure in resistant metal, the Singer 4452 has a reinforcing plate for the sewing area in stainless steel, it also has an integrated light.

Lastly, the Singer 4452 is the most complete of the Heavy Duty range; it has outstanding ratings and reviews from verified buyers thanks to its strength and its reinforced metal interior design, which means a long life for its interior. Check out the current price of the Singer 4452 embroidery machine

Not only, but there are also tonnes of built-in designs and monogramming fonts, there are plenty of editing features here too. Which is kind of exciting and a big plus in my eyes!  If you are keen to get some amazing free software, check out what’s available at Creative Fabrica.

When it comes to reviewing the embroidery machines, I have strict categories that I follow and I have to say that this latest Singer machine has passed with flying colors. 

When you have crafts to work on, or are sewing with heavy material such as denim, this machine won’t let you down. Not only it is relatively easy to use the machine, but it also gives me everything that I need from a heavy-duty embroidery machine.

singer 4452 review

If I was starting up a work from home business that involves sewing and crafts, I would definitely be getting a sewing machine that is able to do the work like this model.  That’s all for this Singer 4452 review.  I hope you have found it useful!