Top 5 Embroidery Machine Essentials for Beginners

Are you getting started with an embroidery machine and are wondering what the most important embroidery machine supplies that you need to get are?

When you are first starting out it really helps to get set up with all the embroidery machine essentials so once you have chosen your design and bought your machine and fabric, you can just start sewing.

Search no more and check out our list of top five embroidery machine essentials for beginners here!

Embroidery machine essentials for beginners


Best 5 Embroidery Machine Essentials for Beginners

Now that you have bought your brand new embroidery machine, you are almost ready to create all of those fantastic designs that you wanted.

Before you can fully dive in, however, you might want to consider getting a few vital embroidery essentials.

Here are our top five machine embroidery essentials:

1. Get the Right Thread

Number one essential embroidery supply in my book is, of course, the embroidery thread. And you may want to get yourself a beautiful bundle of colors.

This way, you will have no limit on the things that you can create.  There are several choices available, but this selection is one of my favorites to get started with.

best cotton for embroideryThis is an excellent set of threads to get you started.

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2. Find the Best Fabric Scissors

Another no brainer here. If you want to create the best, you might as well use the best tools and get it at an affordable price.  Having the perfect pair of fabric scissors is another essential item. 

And once you have them, remember to guard them against people with paper!

the best scizzors for embroidery

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3. Get Good Fabric Markers

I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine my workshop without a broad selection of fabric markers. This takes your modest creative space to another level. 

Having a good selection of colors makes it easy for you as you will end up working with a range of fabric colors.

best markers for embroidery

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4. Buy the Essential Embroidery Software

If you want to broaden your creative horizons, you will need to broaden your library of embroidery designs, by getting additional embroidery software. 

The range of embroidery software is growing rapidly, but this is a great start for beginners.

Essential Embroidery Software

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5. Find the Right Tutorials

Although there are plenty of other essential embroidery supplies, such as a good embroidery glue or even good embroidery books, the fifth place on this list belongs to getting yourself the best embroidery tutorials.

Here are our favorite embroidery tutorials that you might find helpful.

Machine Embroidery Tutorials

Once you have all of the tools, it is only wise to learn a bit more about how to use them more efficiently. 

If you are in any way like me, you are also a visual person. I love checking out other crafter’s creations and step-by-step tutorials. This way, not only do you learn how to make new designs, but also broadening your skills.


Final Words

That’s a rapid introduction to what you need to know to get started. There is a wealth of knowledge and tips gained over many years on this site, so have a dig around and get ready to learn A LOT!

I hope that you found our list of embroidery machine essentials for beginners helpful, and we wish you a tonne of successful crafting adventures ahead!